Zealous Nation Fighters at the Amateur World MMA Championships

Zealous Nation MMA & Boxing fighters Michael Sclafani and John Zapata represented our nation as members of USA Team at the First Amateur World MMA Championships (WMMAA) in St Petersburg, Russia.

It was a major international event full of competition excitement, triumphs and drama.  Teams from more than 40 countries, such as Germany, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, China, Georgia, Romania, host country Russia and many others were attending World Championships.

The tournament was physically and mentally grueling.  Many fighters had to compete several times in one day to advance to the finals. The competition displayed an advanced level of technique by the fighters, whether fight took place in stand up or on the ground.  Both our fighters John and Michael demonstrated an excellence of skills and their big heart.  Despite KO victory John and Mike had to cut their competition short due to the injures they sustained in their fights.  Nevertheless, we are very proud of their achievement of making National team and their tremendous effort to win.  Thank you guys!

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